Project Fi

November 2016
In October 2016 Project Fi came out with a Group Plan! We switched of course and haven't regretted it.

Below is an update on what our charges have been since we switched to Project Fi in July 2016. Just a reminder this is a no contract plan.

Individual Plan x 2
July - $33.26 x 2
August - $23.74 x 2
September - 23.94 x 2

Group Plan
October - $52.93
November - $40.92
December - $41.98
January - $40.82

August 2016

I should first tell you, I love Google. I have followed the company since before they went public. Did I mention I love all things Google? I even told my boss at the time that he should buy stock in Google when they go public. "They will be big some day!" What I should have done was gathered what little money we had at the time and then borrowed and begged for more and taken my own advice! I digress, I can't complain. I love my life and while maybe having a few extra dollars in my pocket would be nice. I honestly can't ask for a more wonderful family, which makes life great you know!

Side son told me that there is a Google location set up like the Enterprise. Of course that is all he could say. No location, no details. For those of you who may be confused right now, I'm talking Star Trek! I'm just saying to anyone working at Google right now, I would be happy to work there for free. I actually love to work, have a positive attitude and am not too good to run and get the coffee. Really. I'm not kidding. Just email me, I'll be happy to relocated! Just say the word!

We switched to Project Fi in July 2016. We had been with AT&T for years. No complaints. I always received customer service with a smile (you can tell over the phone, really) and with a 17% discount through work I couldn't complain. I read about Project Fi and while I didn't switch right away; just an issue of timing really, I decided last month, when the Nexus 6p was on sale for $349 as a sign up bonus, to go for it.

When reading other blogs, etc., I've noticed that many include a disclaimer when promoting products. So here is mine: I am in no way receiving any services or products other than those wonderfully offered by Google for free or that I have paid for myself by providing my thoughts and opinions on products or services offered by Google!

Back to the topic at hand! Project Fi, so many reasons to switch! For us, it was a no brainer.

If you have the willpower to manage your data responsibly, this is the service for you. Let's face it. Many companies are now requiring you to either rent or pay what seems to me personally a large amount of money for a cell phone. Then there is the bloatware, sometimes the service depending on location, the contracts, etc.

What I was looking for...
A quality unlocked, android smart phone for under $400.
No contract.
Tethering without feeling like I'm doing something illegal.

What I received:
All of the above and then some!
Prepay service with the option to change the amount of data I use whenever I feel like it and to receive credit towards my next bill if I don't use the data I asked for. Wow!
Secure data through encryption when connected to an open WiFi hotspot (I had been using apps for this previously which at times at their own issues.)
International data usage which costs $10 per GB as it does in the USA and international 20¢ per minute calls and unlimited texts. While I haven't used this yet. I can't wait!
Also, the fact that it was a Google offering, for me, made it that much sweeter.

Price comparison, going from three lines to two (full disclosure)!

3 android smart phones
15 MB shareable data
$141.77 per month including taxes

Project Fi
Please note, Project Fi does not at this time offer family plans.
2 Nexus 6p phones $349 each
Cases and shields for both $83.72
1 GB ea data
$33.26 per month including taxes - total monthly service $66.52

We needed new phones. Yes, we were still using the HTC One X. This was an opportunity to purchase the phone I wanted at a considerably reduced price. Phones and cases totaled $781.72.

Cost difference per month for service is $75.25. We are saving $75.25 and possibly more using 1 GB of data per phone.

Why does Project Fi work for us? Felix does not carry his cell phone. It is more of a house phone, always accessing our home WiFi. I expect that we will receive a $10 credit on his account monthly and instead of paying $33.26, it will be $23 - 24 per month approximately.

While I use some data, I have turned my data off and only access it when I need it. My service runs from the 19th to the 18th. I have used 36.99 MG of data. If I go over, Project Fi will charge me for the additional data used. Example, if I go over by 5.5 MB, I will be charged an additional $5.50. In today's world, with public WiFi so readily available and Project Fi's data encryption, why pay for it?

How is the service? We live south of Columbus, Ohio. The service has been better than I had with AT&T.

Do I love the phone? YES! It has a terrific camera, 32GB of storage and the obvious, I have access to all of the Google apps and tools I use regularly!

Enough said!