November 2016

I have driven Karma for approximately three months now and it never gets old. Driving my 1972 Beetle Bug makes me happy. She has no radio, no power steering, a manual transmission, manual brakes, a back right center cap that continues to fall off and she is down for the second time with generator issues. All I can think about is how much I can't wait until we get her fixed and back on the road again! 

I've taken an active roll in learning to work on her, under Fe's instruction and supervision of course. We replaced her generator together and now are having pully issues. The temperature has dropped to 30-40 degrees F here, and without a heated garage, we will likely wait until spring to get her up and running again. The picture below is from my work place parking lot earlier this month. Beautiful!


August 2016

We always have a project. Though, getting closer to hitting the road, we are trying to wrap them up. Having already picked out the camper we would like to purchase, we thought it may be time to pick up a toad. 

Fe thought why not a baja bug? We wanted something we could get used to, play around with; you know, nothing fancy. We didn't want a trailer queen, just something FUN! 

We found her, and named her Karma. The original idea was to cut or replace the fenders, add some big tires, a roll bar, more of a Class 11 look. She needed new tires, brakes, interior; I've never been fond of blue.

Fe drove her two hours home, just stopping at the gas station about a mile from the house. I asked if I could driver her the rest of the way. "Sure!" he said. Famous last words!

Before I even hit fourth gear I was in love with the car. I didn't want to cut her up. I was willing to driver her just the way she was, blue interior and all. I wish I had a picture of my face when I pulled up in the driveway. Fe said I was glowing. 

Fe said I could have the car, and  made sure she was safe; tires, brakes, etc. I'm sure he will rebuild the motor eventually! He found some great aluminum slot rims which we cleaned up and added a little beefier tire than she had originally. Fe and I gutted and replaced the interior, replacing the back seat with a flat storage area and installing 1969 Mach I Mustang bucket seats. SWEET! We still added the roll bar, and while she could use a paint job, I think we are keeping her just the way she is. She has a lot of character.

We are very happy with the purchase and I have to admit, I'm driving her daily.