Driving our 1972 VW Beetle Bug makes me happy.


Fe drove her two hours home, just stopping at the gas station about a mile from the house. I asked if I could drive her the rest of the way. "Sure!" he said. Famous last words! Before I even hit fourth gear I was in love with the car. When I pulled up in the driveway. Fe said I was glowing. 

We replaced the interior, going from blue to black and removed the back seat. Yes. We replaced the busted up blue VW buckets with 1969 Mach I Mustang bucket seats. SWEET! We added the roll bar, and while she could use a paint job, I think we are keeping her exterior just the way it is. She has a lot of character.

Fe made sure she is safe. We are very happy with the purchase and I have to admit, I'm driving her daily.  You can see regularly posted pictures from the drivers seat on our Instagram page.