Project Fi

We switched from AT&T to Project Fi in July 2016, in an attempt to reduce costs. AT&T always provided great customer service, with a smile, (you can tell over the phone, really) and with a 17% discount through work we couldn't complain. However, we read about Project Fi and when our contract was up with AT&T we switched.

We went from paying $141.77 per month for three lines to under $50 total per month for two lines. Calls and texts are $20 per month for the first person and $15 for each additional person on your family plan.

How is the service? We live south of Columbus, Ohio. The service has been great. You receive bill protection. Data is $10 per GB with a 6 GB cap for one person and 10 for two people and so forth. If you do not use the data you paid for you receive a credit on your next bill. In addition, you can use your data abroad like you would at home with unlimited texts and low-cost calls.

There are no early termination fees

Why does Project Fi work for us? Felix does not carry his cell phone. It is more of a house phone.  While I use some data, I have turned my data off and only access it when I need it. In today's world, with public WiFi so readily available and Project Fi's data encryption, why pay for it?

Do I love the phone? YES! It has a terrific camera, 32GB of storage and the obvious, I have access to all of the Google apps and tools I use regularly!

Enough said!


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